Vivienne Palmer has worked with me since the Covid-19 pandemic. She has virtues beyond what you can ordinarily expect. She has a strong sense of personal responsibility and during the pandemic she was scrupulous about observing all the recommended precautions—not just with me but in her personal life as well. She arrives on time and communicates well via text message. Vivienne does what she says she will.
From the beginning, she connected with me as a person not just as a client. Quickly she conveyed that she genuinely cared and wanted to help me in as many ways as I needed. She is creative and will help you generate ideas and dreams. Consequently, her range of services is negotiated with each client. This is a win-win negotiation. Vivienne Palmer delivers!
You owe it to yourself to give Vivienne an opportunity for significant responsibility and even leadership in assisting you now and into the future as your needs mature and deepen.
Dr. David M.
Vivienne has been such an asset. She truly cared for our mother and made sure she was happy and engaged in life. She suggested ways to enrich her daily routine and was extremely resourceful. Her patience and nurturing made a huge difference and she treated our mother like she was family.

Karen W.