I fell in love with Boulder when I arrived in 1991 with two suitcases and the hope of finding the place I would call home. Accompanying me was my best friend, a retired physician 41 years my senior who was living on the Western Slope.

Our friendship started when I was 13 years old and our connection opened my eyes to the beauty of intergenerational friendships which ultimately led me to this career. 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from CU Boulder and worked as a Curriculum Advisor and Administrative Assistant. I stopped working to have children, which is where the real work started. 

While raising my two boys – now teenagers – I started my own Airbnb business and became ingrained in local politics and the hospitality industry. I became a personal assistant before pivoting to elder care, which felt more in alignment with my values. 

I have been a professional cook, a freelance writer, ceramic artist, community organizer, and homemaker to a large and busy household which included cooking for tenants. I have traveled around the world, love films and literature, entertaining, am an avid listener to NPR and podcasts, and am a constant student. Nothing delights me like a good conversation over a game of cards, a walk, or a puzzle.

I am a non-smoker, Covid vaccinated (Pfizer), Covid recovered (September 2020), and mask wearer in public spaces.

I bring my experience and attention to my working relationships to enable seniors to live fulfilling, independent lives.